Posted: February 26th, 2023

discussion 4

require in doc

Video watch

· Do All Asian American Parents Think the Same?

· Do You Feel American? Immigrants Parents vs. 1st Generation" by Jubilee

1. Have you ever had an argument with your parents/parent figures/family about your career goals? Share about a time when you felt that a passion of yours was in conflict with your parents/parent figures/family visions or expectations of you.

(200 word)

2. Angie Chung and Trivinia Kang introduce three different ideal-type perspectives among second generation Asian Americans: 1) Education as Filial Duty, 2) Education as the Path to the American Dream, and 3) Education as a Form of Self-Actualization. Discuss how the participants in the two videos have aligned (or not aligned) with the perspectives of the participants in Chung and Kang’s chapter. Then, provide a thoughtful response to at least one (1) other classmate.

(300 word)


Respond to classmate (100 word)

4. In at least 300 words, discuss what types of power and aspects of systems of oppression do you believe influences the divide between immigrant parents and American born children? Use quotes from any of the Asian American parents and children in both videos to support your analysis. Then, reflect on your own personal experience. Would you/do you place the same expectations on your children the way your parents/parent figures did for you?


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