Posted: March 11th, 2023



This essay is comprised of two components. The essay must be at least 1000 words overall. Please include a works cited page as well.

Part One:

Begin by completing the following political ideology quizzes:

Advocates for Self Government a libertarian website:

Pew Research Center for People & the Press:

Next, analyze and share your results. Do you believe that these quizzes accurately measured your ideological leanings to the right or the left? Why or why not?

Part Two:

Some people argue that there are no significant differences between the two major parties. Backing up your perspective with appropriate sources, what are the major differences and similarities in the views of the Democratic and Republican parties (e.g., this review of party platforms, 1856-2016 What are the primary areas of difference between contemporary Democrats and Republicans? (e.g., taxes, abortion, guns, LGBTQ rights, etc.) How are the two parties similar? What are the consequences of these patterns for voters and election outcomes? For policy outcomes?

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