Posted: February 26th, 2023

discussion 6


Discuss “King Leopold’s Ghost” in terms of the following: 1) the construction of the culture of capitalism/society of perpetual growth in Western Europe and the U.S. during the late 1800s and early 1900s (the “second industrial revolution”); 2) the global commodification of nature and human labor in that context; 3) the construction of the characteristics of global labor in the culture of capitalism; and 4) the contemporary repercussions for society, economy, politics, and ecology in the Congo.

· How does “A controversial article praises colonialism …” pertain to “King Leopold’s Ghost,” including the legacies of Belgium colonialism? How likewise does “Aid in reverse” pertain to “King Leopold’s Ghost”?

· How do colonialism/imperialism represent global labor segmentation, past and present? As discussed last week and this week, what are examples?

· "The industrial revolution: A crash course in history" (video, 17 minutes) to an external site.

· “The industrial revolution” (The Western Tradition, episode 41) (video; skip the introductory music) to an external site.

· “ The industrial world” (The Western Tradition, episode 42) (video; skip the introductory music) to an external site.

· “King Leopold’s Ghost” (documentary video, 1 hour and 48 minutes) (search FIU Library link: to an external site.

· “A controversial article praises colonialism. But colonialism’s real legacy was ugly” to an external site.


· “Aid in reverse: How poor countries develop rich countries”

· "PT: Poverty in Appalachia" (video, 3:40 minutes) to an external site.

· " Yes, Appalachia has persistent poverty, but why?" to an external site.


· "West Virginia: Coal Mining's Dark Past" to an external site.

· "Coal mining's environmental impact" to an external site.

· “Hollowed Out, USA” to an external site.

· “The 40-year robbing of rural America”


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