Posted: August 23rd, 2021

discussion 7

Discussion Prompt 1
Midlife Crisis: Myth or Reality?
Is there such as thing as a midlife  crisis in your opinion? Describe what psychologists mean when they  discuss this and why they believe it occurs. Given what you have learned  about the desire for generativity  in middle adulthood and the effects of stress, what advice would you  give to someone at this stage of development to help them navigate  challenges? Would your advice be the same for men and women? Explain and  support your reasoning with information from the text and other course  materials.
Discussion Prompt 2
Religion and Spirituality
Do you believe that having a religious or spiritual outlook can  lead to benefits in development? Are their ways that seeking a spiritual  path may prove detrimental to development? Support your reasoning with  information from the text and other course materials.
–Response should be minimum 125 words

 2. A patient is admitted to the  emergency room of a hospital complaining of chest pain and shortness of  breath. Upon receiving the test results, it is determined that the  individual is experiencing a myocardial infarction (MI). What anatomical  changes occur during this condition, and what is/are the likely  consequence(s)? –Response should be 1 paragraph

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