Posted: March 12th, 2023

DIscussion Board

 DISCUSSION ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS The discussion assignments in this course are meant to be collaborative learning experiences that foster a spirit of community and collegiality, but you must also view these as academic assignments with formal requirements. The discussions in this course will expand your Christian worldview as it relates to the American Founding. For these discussions, please adhere to these guidelines:  All threads must demonstrate comprehension of the course material and refer specifically—through paraphrase, summary, or quotation—to content from the readings and presentations. Your use of the course material must not be mechanical; rather, you must use them strategically, and you must comment on the material that you have cited.  In your initial post, you must cite the number and type of sources indicated in the discussion prompt (at a minimum) and make sure that your footnote citations and bibliographic information are accurate and complete, in accordance with the Turabian style (citations in replies are encouraged, but not required).  You are expected to read your classmates’ posts, select the set number to respond to, and it must be done in a specific and positive way that furthers the conversation. It needs to be more than a mere agreement or disagreement. Remember that these topics are for discussion precisely because there may be no clear-cut “correct” answers and opinions may differ.  Your initial thread must be approximately 700-800 words, and the replies must be at least 200-250 words. Please Note: Salutations, valedictions, citations and footnotes do not count toward your word count requirements. 

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