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discussion I need comments on other students discussions

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I need comments on other students discussions

My discussion
The Nacirema – Discussion Board #1

Nare Petrousyan

1.The functional belief underlying Nacirema is that human is trapped in both that is meant to be ill. Thus,
being in the human body is as one will be ill of deadly diseases. The second underlying functional belief is
that the human body is naturally ugly. Thus, to look beautiful and avoid deadly illnesses, one must engage
in Nacirema body rituals (Horace, 1956).

2.In my opinion, the Nacirema ceremony is more of a ritual than behavior for several reasons. One, it is
based on how it does it. This is not behavior as not everyone can do it. It is delegated by specialists and
specific older adults among Nacirema.

3.Nacriem that the human body is ugly. This is why intense care and protection of it is necessary (Horace,
1956). This is quite different from our culture, where we believe we are wonderfully and fearfully made.

4.One thing that makes miner’s analysis of the Nacirema irrational is the analysis of the holy room. This is
a room where special people do the special ritual. I think that performing normal customs as religions
rather than scientific makes them quite irrational. For instance, using a medicine that was not prescribed
to witch doctors directly made it irrational (Horace, 1956).

5.However, the care of the body in my religion is not irrational at all. There is nothing ritual in nature done
in the protection of the body. Religiously, we believe in the power to get healed by drugs prescribed by the
doctors. However, I do find it irrational for people who only take herds as drugs. These are people who do
not believe in scientific drugs and thus prefer hubs.

Heres 2 students discussion that i need comments for them

Paul Chang
The people of Nacirema practice rituals that are focused on the human body, more
importantly the appearance and health of their body and their focus on preserving and
maintaining it with large usage of spiritual practices. Large portions of their time would
be used in performing these rituals in order to wave off diseases and weakness that the
human body might be subjected to. They would see the human body being vulnerable
and it is something that cannot be replaced or ascended from. The human body is
indeed both very resilient and at the same time very vulnerable and we had been
advancing in order to tend or treat what may occur to preventions acts of future
illnesses. The Nacirema also are similar to us in the fact that they tend to their mouths,
in this case of an ascetics point of view but at a much greater magnitude. The main
differences would be that they would incorporate spiritual practices in order to cure and
prevent the illnesses with the usage of shrines, specially blessed charms, and potions.
Throughout the article Miner wrote the people of Nacirema being barbaric in terms of

their level of society. One example would be in the end of the article he would call them
“magic-ridden” people and question on how they are able to exist this long. This might
be from the influence of the era it was written in but reading the article was a bit of a
challenge in terms of its bias wordings. Portraying their custom as a religion does make
it look more acceptable but also isolated. Seeing it as a medicine or science, there are
already a set standard of facts that cannot be disproven but with religion, there are no
written evidence of what can be or not be, but at the same time, won’t be accepted by

Daniel Rivas
Question 1#: I believe caring for the body can be made to be ritualistic but the act of the
repeated action itself doesn’t necessarily make it a ritual. What differentiates them to me
is the incorporation of a spiritual or religious aspect. Constantly going about certain
actions and adding religious intent for a better spiritual outcome, mental, emotional, and
even physical well-being can be made to be a ritual. For example with the Nacirema
every day each of the family members cleanse themselves with holy water in front of the
shrine. The act alone of cleaning oneself with water would be considered mundane if
not for the incorporation of the holy water and the shrine. To me this becomes a ritual
instead of a habit because it is their belief that the water is holy and purifying their
bodies from decay while also worshiping a shrine that has charms and potions for
meant for a specific intentions or outcome.

Question #3: I believe that the Nacirema people view their bodies and their health
poorly and as naturally deteriorating, showing not too much concern, maybe going as
far as to accelerating this. They will go twice a year to see the holy mouth men ,of which
during, they will be subject to being poked and prodded at the mouth as well as having
holes and decaying wounds opened. This would be dissimilar to our culture as we may
think that this could cause only more problems as we may value our health more
significantly than drawing in friends or taking in more pain in an attempt to counteract
the progress of decay. Especially if it’s showing signs of worsening. To the tribes people
they are relieving themselves of this decay and focused on the magic forces of drawing
in people that they get in exchange for expelling evil through this process. This could
imply that they may value this more than their health. Seeing as they already view the
human body as frail, they may believe that the pain and worsening of their health is
worth it in the end.

Language – Discussion Board #3

Learning Objective: What is Language and Where Does it Come From?

While we may think of language as confined to the words that we speak, there is so
much more to language than this. The world of gestures is an excellent example; many
of us “speak with our hands” in order to emphasize the topics that we are trying to
communicate. Italians are particularly famous for their elaborate and exaggerated
language of gestures. A recent article and video from the New York Times does an
excellent job of elucidating this topic. You can see the article “When Italians Chat,
Hands and Fingers Do the Talking” at the following link NY TIMES Article

(Links to an external site.)


1. After reading the article and watching the video about Italian hand gestures,
you should have a greater awareness of the role of gesture in
communication. Over the course of a day, make note of the gestures that you,
your friends, and your professors use, and in what contexts these gestures
are used.

2. Prepare a summary of the gestures you observed for your class’s online

3. Use Canvas Studio to respond to this post (60 seconds or less). Make a short
video of the gestures. How to respond with Canvas Studio.

4. (Links to an external site.)
6. Explain the gestures in a small paragraph!
7. (Links to an external site.)
9. In the comment section, discuss with your classmates whether there are

other possible meanings for any of the gestures you presented.

All posts made to each Lesson discussion are scored according to the following criteria:

● 0 points: no participation, no attempt to begin a discussion, or respond to a

● .5 – 5.75 point (F): varying degrees of failure; attempt to participate is not
sincere; does not demonstrate much or any preparation; student clearly
unwilling to participate or prepare; posts do not address the topic or engage
peer in discussion; and/or post is incomprehensible due to
grammar/spelling/syntax errors!

● 6 – 6.75 points (D): attempt does not demonstrate comprehension of material
or full preparation for the discussion, or does not address the discussion topic
in a meaningful way, and/or post is very difficult to understand, containing
grammar/spelling/syntax errors!

● 7 – 7.75 points (C): statements indicate a willingness to participate but do not
indicate full preparation or full comprehension, or may not address the
discussion topic fully and/or post is somewhat difficult to follow, containing
grammar/spelling/syntax errors.

● 8 – 8.75 points (B): statements indicate student willing and prepared for
discussion, but maybe lacking a complete understanding of concepts or
complete coverage of discussion topic, and/or post contains some

grammar/spelling/syntax errors. They have also responded to at least 2 other

● 9-10 points (A): Students’ enthusiastic participation indicates preparation,
comprehension and complete understanding of concepts, has complete and
accurate coverage of the discussion topic and is free of
grammar/spelling/syntax errors. They have also responded to at least 2 other

here’s a discussion from other student. I need to leave a comment to her.

Rachel Stern
4 days ago

Comment Actions
Language is so much more than the written word! Tone of voice, facial expression, and even
gestures can give the same words different meanings. I met one of my friends for lunch today
and she brought up the new guy she was dating. Right away I could tell that she was excited
about him because she was practically bouncing in her chair and using exuberant hand
gestures. At some point she began explaining the way he looks and I knew she likes him as she
was twirling her hair around her finger and looking off in the distance with a slight smile on her
face. Then she stopped, and asked if I thought he liked her. At this point, she began biting her
nails and I realized she was nervous. Later that day at work, my boss called me into his office to
see my progress on the tasks he assigned me. He held his hands clasped together, exuding
confidence and seriousness. Since my classes are online this semester, I don’t get to see the
gestures that my professors and classmates use. I think that this takes away from the total
picture of what they’re saying as gesturing plays a huge role in communication.

SO i just need a comment on andres rocha’s post 🙂
you’ve already written the discussion 🙂

Andres Rocha

Throughout the day I’ve noticed that I have many hand gestures. Over the course of
today I noticed several. one of them is when I’m giving my dog treats ill point down for
her to sit or when i put my hand out for her to give me her paw. I also noticed I do

several gestures when listening to music like I’ll bop my head or move my hands to the
music. I don’t see my professors movements cause this class has no zoom and my
other class that I zoom in the professor doesn’t show their face so I wouldn’t know.

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