Posted: September 19th, 2022

Do NOT use direct quotations in your paper. You should paraphrase and cite appropriately. No use of personal pronouns! For all sections of your poster, including cover page and reference page, you should use APA style Please cite all material appropriatel

PosterAssignmentGuidelines x

  • Do NOT use direct quotations in your paper. You should paraphrase and cite appropriately.
  • No use of personal pronouns!
  • For all sections of your poster, including cover page and reference page, you should use APA style
  • Please cite all material appropriately and review the University policy on plagarismLinks to an external site.. All posters must be unique and created solely for this course.

Research Methods in Criminal Justice

Spring 2022

Poster Assignment

This assignment is an exercise in creating a viable research study on a criminal justice topic of your choosing. Your research design will turned in the final week of class. The final poster will be worth 100 points.

You will also turn in components of your research poster over the course of the semester so you can get ongoing feedback from me. These individual components are worth a total of

160 points

and will be dur throughout the semester.

50 points

25 points

Poster Component


Due Date

Research Topic

10 points

Research Question

25 points

Annotated Reference List for Introduction

50 points

Method Draft

Abstract Draft


160 points

Final Poster

200 points

Late assignments will result in an automatic deduction of half a letter grade in addition to any penalties from the rubric.

First, you will choose a topic of interest within the criminal justice field, you can gather some ideas by searching google scholar or relying on prior knowledge of topics of interest from your other criminal justice classes. Write down a couple ideas and come up with a research question(s) based on a specific topic. Please feel free to run any ideas by me.

Second, Poster Information:

For your poster presentations, you are to select a research question related to the broader criminal justice world, focusing on an area that you can ask a research question, identify a design you would use to answer the question, how you would operationalize and measure

the data, what collection techniques you would use, as well as synthesize relevant prior literature relating to your topic in a brief background, and then propose sampling techniques

to explore your topic. You could, for instance, propose to investigate why police use body cameras. You would be required to specify why you would suggest this, how you would design a study to answer your proposed research question, who you would recruit to participate and

methods you would use to conduct this research.

Below you will find a detailed poster presentation information that should guide you as you compose your poster. Your final product will be a saved PDF of what a printed-out poster would look like and be formatted accordingly. Your final posters must include appropriate

in-text citations and a references section that each conform to APA regulations. You are to have between 4 and 5 peer-reviewed and published sources cited within your final poster.


All posters will end up being a PowerPoint document which can be saved as a .PPT or for the final upload. Two templates are provided in Canvas, with additional templates available via google, should you choose. Search for “academic research poster.”

Poster Purpose:

This poster is a graphic display of the work you will complete, it is a representation of your research. To make your poster strong, do not try to add too much information or a variety of topics, it is best to make just one point. Part of the requirements is to identify a research question of interesting to you and build a feasible research design around this topic. I recommend sticking to one or two simple and related questions and not trying to tackle all the questions that you may have on your topic.

Required Sections:

1. Title

2. Abstract

3. Introduction

· This is where your peer-reviewed sources will go, this should read like a brief literature review of what has already been done and what problem you are suggesting to study.

4. Research Question(s)

5. Methods Section

· Setting – Where will you conduct your proposed study OR if the data already exists – What setting did this data come from?

· Sample – Who will take part in your study? How many participants?

· Materials/Measures – How will you operationalize and measure your variables?

· What is your independent and dependent variables?

· What research design will you be using (e.g., experiment, quasi-experiment, qualitative, etc.)?

6. Data Collection Methods Section

· How will you collect the data?

· How will you recruit participants?

· Sampling methods (e.g., random assignment, purposive)?

· Will participants be compensated?

· What kind of method will you use to collect the data (e.g., surveys, interviews, observations, administrative data)?

7. Implications/Conclusion

· If you were to actually do this study, what would you hope to conclude?

· What are the implications from this study? Why is answering your research question important? What can results tell us?

8. References

· 4 to 5 peer reviewed references in APA format are required for this project

Font Size Suggestions:

Title= 100pt, bold

Section Headings= 48pt, bold

Body Text=28pt


Reference Section= 16pt

Writing Style:

Your entire poster should follow APA guidelines, including the reference section. You do not need to use full sentences if you are bulleting items, but please remember this is an academic representation of your work and sloppy or messy work will be a poor reflection of your research.


· Your assignment must be in a PowerPoint document formatted using one of the provided templates. You can find the templates on the Poster Assignment under “Assignments”. Points will be deducted for not following these directions.

· In-text citations must be in APA format. If you have citations, but they are not in APA format, points will be deducted (see rubric below).

· Directions for APA formatting and citing lecture notes can be found below:

· In-text citations in APA:

· How to cite lecture notes in APA:

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