Posted: November 21st, 2022

Does God exist

1. Explain in detail, using the information in the textbooks and powerpoints, but also in your own words–the Four Arguments for the Existence of God–Cosmological, Teleological, Ontological, and Moral. Use any examples that may illustrate that you understand the differences. Which argument “speaks” to you as the easiest to use to defend God’s existence? What are your thoughts on the Ontological Argument? (my favorite) Here is an article that may help with Ontological:

2. The Principle of Causality is very important when defending the existence of God with the Cosmological Argument. Explain the logic of the Principle of Causality (to the best of your ability) which is one of the 12 Basic First Principles of Knowledge. (It may help to first define what First Principles are–the Appendix in Geisler has more info; there is also an article in files)

This article may also help explain its importance more simply: 

Is God Real? How the Principle of Causality Points to the Existence of God



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