Posted: June 10th, 2022

dq 1 week 2

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Financial analysts must evaluate the performance of the company and compare that
performance over time. One way to evaluate the financial performance of a company is to
calculate financial ratios. Ratios can be used to assess a company’s profitability, liquidity,
efficiency, and financial risk (leverage). Changes in these ratios over time can alert a financial
analyst to poor management or strong shareholder returns. For this discussion, you will
calculate some common financial ratios for your chosen publicly traded company.
Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum,
• Read Chapter 11 of the Essentials of finance.
o Specifically review the “A Closer Look” feature box in Section 11.3.
• Complete the Week 2 – Learning Activity.
• Make sure you have completed the Week 1 – Assignment 1.
• Calculate two ratios for your chosen company, according to your last name and the list
below. Using Appendix A from Week 1, calculate the ratios for your chosen company for
the two most recent years available in the financial statements.
o Last names P through R: Days sales outstanding and days inventory outstanding.
Need help with your calculations? Check out the videos included in this resource: Week 2
Discussion Help (Links to an external site.).
In your initial discussion forum post,
• Create a table within your discussion post that includes the following information:
o the financial data used to calculate each ratio in the 2 years for your chosen
o the last 2 years (clearly labeled)
o the calculations and the concluded ratio
▪ Need help making a table? Review the How So I Insert a Table Using the
New Rich Content Editor as a Student? (Links to an external site.)
o Explain what your two ratios measure.
o Attach your Appendix A (that you completed in Week 1) to your discussion post
so that other students can review your data and calculations.
Guided Response: Review several of your colleagues’ posts, and reply to at least two of your
peers by 11:59 p.m. on Day 7 of the week. You must respond to two classmates who have
calculated different ratios than you. In your written responses to your classmates, address the
• Using the included Appendix A provided by your classmate, confirm the calculated ratios
or explain a correction to the calculated ratios in the initial post.
• Provide the calculations for one additional ratio for their company for the 2 most recent
years. Choose the ratio from the list of ratios for this discussion.
o Identify which ratio you are calculating, and provide the financial data used for
the ratio as well the concluded ratio.
• State whether or not you believe this additional ratio shows another financial strength
for the company or if it shows a weakness for the company.

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