Posted: August 4th, 2022


The Right Tool for the Job


There are many debates and perspectives surrounding the question of which programming language is “the right tool for the job.” Selecting one language over another can really impact code quality. For your initial response, consider the following questions:

· What are some strengths and some weaknesses of C++, Python, and Java? Think back to the work you have completed using different programming languages in previous courses, along with your review of this week’s resources, to help form your response.

· What criteria would make a specific language better for a certain task? Select one of the following tasks, or another area you think of, to frame your response.

· From a security perspective, which language would you pick to write code in? Which language would meet security demands? Note that there is not one correct answer, as different languages can have valid uses in this context. Often a particular company will make the selection for you.

· When considering data analysis, which language can provide more functions to help analyze data? Again, there is no single correct answer for this.

· In the gaming world, which language is best used with graphics and gaming libraries (such as OpenGL or DirectX) to help create models, environments, and controls? Remember, there are many different perspectives that can be taken here.

Part 2

· Considering other examples presented, where might you consider integrating another language into the project? What role would that second language serve?

· Considering other examples presented, what would happen if you used a different language altogether for that task?

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