Posted: September 19th, 2022

econ discussion

Again, for Module 2, you will be doing something different from later modules.

You will be creating a “persona”.

For some discussions, I want you to imagine you are someone else when talking about the issues in the discussion.  Every member in each group should pick a different persona from the following list.  Be original and do not pick a persona that matches your current life.  If more than one person wants to pick the same persona, you’ll have to work it out.  Once you have decided among the group who will play which persona, each group member should provide a more complete back story for that persona. You should include details like where you live, family background, if you work, where you work, do you employ anyone, major things you own (like a house), etc.  Include details that would be important to how you feel about economic issues. I hope this will be a fun exercise that allows you to use your imagination, so don’t stress over it. I have include more personas than there are people in your group, so not all personas will be used.  However, one person from the group HAS to pick persona 1, A 68 year old retiree.  If no one wants that persona, you will have to work it out 🙂 !

You can look up information to fill out your persona, but I do not require any citation for this exercise.  Aim for about 200 words for your background.

Group members should respond to each others background stories.

1.  A 68 year old retiree

2.  A 56 year old owner or CEO of a small company

3.  A 45 year old factory worker

4.  A 30 year old stay at home parent

5.  An 18 year old working in the service industry who does not plan to go to college

6.  A 27 year old white collar worker

7.  A 39 year old farmer

8. A 58 year old college professor

This third Module discussion for Module Grouping A is more like the third module postings you will make for the remaining Module Groupings.  You are finally going to be bringing in class concepts (in this case Demand and Supply)

You will use your persona for this discussion. ( Not all discussion boards will involve using your persona, but many will.) Using your persona and the details you added, discuss how the COVID19 pandemic has affected you from an economic point of view.  
Bring in demand and supply issues, since that is this module’s topic. You do not have to draw a Demand and Supply graph, put you should talk using the aspects of the model.  You may have to do a little research to figure out how your persona had been affected, but I do not need citations for this assignment.

When making a post, start by listing your persona.  for example:

I am a 68 year old retiree and I think…

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