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Your term project is an integrative summary of seven short papers.

2. Each paper that you read  must be at least three pages long.  For example, if you read a newspaper article that in only 2 pages long, it will not count as one of your papers.

3. For each paper that you read, you must summarize the paper in approximately one page, but usually about 3/4 page.

4. Each paper that you read must be preceded by a bibliographical citation.

5. After summarizing all the papers, you must write an Integrative Summary that ties all the papers together and demonstrate how they address a narrow topic. For example, How Pharmacies in England resisted resisted laws to limit the free distribution of addictive opium during the 19th Century.

These papers may be from the academic literature or current news on drug controls, the drug war, history of illicit or psychoactive drugs or drug policies from anywhere in the world. You may select articles from journal articles or working papers on Drug Policies, Economic Analysis, Economic Historical Analysis, Medical History, Scientific Analysis, International Diplomacy, and Social and Philosophical Analysis.


Finally, the documents you cite must include research papers, magazine articles, newspaper article or government policy documents published during the last 10 years.

Your bibliography topic must be narrow and specific.  You cannot select papers that address the War on Drugs in general. An example of an acceptable topic could be “The Medellin Cartel: It’s Rise and Fall” or Comparing the Methods of Pablo Escobar and Other Drug Gangs or How the Dutch Profited from the Trade in Opium and Why and When they Ceased to Trade in Opium


The bibliographical selection may address topics from the examples listed below or other topics that you may select:

· Comparative international policies

· Historical analysis of policies in different countries

· Socio-Economic analysis of drug policies

· Social and Psychological Issues of Drug Use and Policies

· The Politics and Economics the War on Drugs

· International Drug Cartels and their Activities / Violence and Corruption

· European colonialism and the drug trade in history

· Foreign Trade and the History of Drugs (Opium and Cocaine)

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