Posted: June 13th, 2022

Edu 599 week 10 assignment

In this capstone project, you will create a unit of K–12 or adult curriculum to address a significant issue in education. Review the checklist (K–12 or Adult) provided in Week 7 to guide you in developing your unit of curriculum.Lay the ground for your unit of K–12 or adult curriculum by explaining the educational issue and tying it to diversity and ethics. Then, demonstrate your understanding of this issue by identifying a learning theory and explaining how the learning theory applies to the unit of curriculum or training module.
Part 1: Description of Educational Issue
Write a 5–7 in which you:Write an introduction and description for your unit of curriculum. This section should be about 1–2 pages. Part 1 should address these requirements:
Describe the educational issue. Discuss the relevance of this issue to the community, school district, organization, community, or society in general.
Explain how the unit of curriculum ties in with diversity and ethics. Support the selection with at least one credible, relevant, and appropriate source.
Explain how you used the learning theory to design your unit of curriculum. Why did you choose this one? Why is it appropriate for this unit? Include at least one in-text citation to support the use of this learning theory.
Part 2: Unit of Curriculum
Design a 4–5 page unit of curriculum, with assessments, to promote student learning related to a current issue in the field of education. These resources can help you in developing your unit:
Unit Template Examples for Designing Your Curriculum.
How to Make Lesson Plans for Adult Students.
How to Create Training Modules: A Template Guide.
How to Develop an Online Training Module for your Corporate Training.
Use the checklist you selected in your Week 7 assignment to review the elements that are required in your curriculum or module. Label the sections clearly in your design.Your curriculum or module must include the following components:K-12
Grade Level and State Benchmarks.
Learning Goals.
Promotion of Learner Engagement.
Value or Relevance.
Instructional Environment.
Meeting Diverse Needs.
Culturally Responsive Education.
Meeting Ethical Standards.
Varied Assessment.
Audience or Target Population.
Learning Objectives.
Learning Activities that Promote Engagement.
Value or Relevance.
Instructional Environment.
Connection/Application to Diversity.
Culturally Responsive Education or Training.
Ethical Standards.
Varied Assessments

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