Posted: June 6th, 2022

educing Negative Perceptions as it relates to the topic of Stereotypes,prejudice and discrimination

Journal Article Summary
Social Psychology Article
Stu D. Name
Department of Psychology, Liberty University
PSY 512: Social Psychology
Dr. Wood
July 16, 2020
Journal Article Summary
Social Psychology Article
List the article introduction information here.
List the purpose this article was written.
What is this paper’s contribution/question/s that it is trying to provide information on.
Describe the sample of this study.
Describe the measures that were used in this study.
Describe how this study was done.
What did this study find? You can include both stats and an explanation of the stats.
Practical Significance

Why is this study relevant/meaningful?
Haney, C., Banks, C., & Zimbardo, P. (1973). A study of prisoners and guards in a simulated prison. Naval Research Reviews, 9(1), 1-17.
PSYC 512
Article Review Assignment Instructions
Reading and understanding original research is an important skill for working in the field of psychology. Understanding research methodology and the sections of a journal article is critical for success in our field. This Article Review Assignment will help you learn to objectively evaluate research, to find scholarly sources of information, and to use them as a source of knowledge. This Article Review Assignment can also help you in your professional development.
These Article Review Assignments are to help you to remember the most important aspects of each article. By the end, you will have three article summaries on social psychological research that can help you both in this course and in future research and coursework.
Over several modules, you will complete three Article Review Assignments that relate to the following topics:
· Module 1: Introduction. Please choose any topic of interest that is related to Social Psychology.
· Module 3: Reducing Negative Perceptions as it relates to the topic of Stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination
· Module 6: The Need to Belong as it relates to the topic of Close relationships
In each Article Review Assignment, you will find and learn about the research that relates to one of these topics. To find these articles, you can search google scholar, one of the library’s psychology databases (i.e. PSYC INFO), or look in a specific journal (i.e. Journal of Applied Psychology).
Note: do not use the journal articles in the Learn Sections for this.
Once you have chosen an article that relates to the topic, summarize the article in at least 350 words.
Your Article Review Assignments should include the following components:
· Introduction: Include general information about the article in the introduction, including a ​very brief overview of the previous literature on the topic and identifying the gap in the literature that demonstrates the need for this article.
· Hypothesis Section: what the article attempts to find out or answer
· Methods Section: how the article answers the question or questions it proposes
· Results Section: what the article found
· Practical Significance/Discussion: What the results actually mean
· References page: Title and authors of the article in current APA format
Be careful to ensure that your answers to the above information make sense to you. You want to be able to develop the skill of making complex/academic information easy to understand to non-academic people. Make sure to explain any complex ideas in plain language, and do not assume the reader already knows what you are talking about. Summarize these articles succinctly but yet thoroughly.
Refer to the Article Review Template for guidance on this Article Review Assignment.
Make sure to check the Article Review Grading Rubric before beginning this Article Review Assignment.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.
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