Posted: August 5th, 2022

Emergency Planning and Responding to weapons of mass destruction

Answer each question with a paragraph please add work cited and resources no plagiarism.

Review the examples of Hazard or Threat Specific Annexes in the Unit 6 readings and resources. Based on your planning community, identify at least two hazard or threat specific annexes that you would include in your plan. Discuss why you chose them. Here is a reading to help Florida State Emergency Response Team (2014). 

The State of Florida terrorism incident response annex to the State of Florida comprehensive emergency management plan

How will you inform and train stakeholders? How will you exercise your plan to ensure there are no gaps in capabilities? Identify the type of drill or exercise you would use and discuss at least one way your drill or exercise will be HSEEP compliant.

Regarding response efforts to WMD threats carried out in your community, at what point does the response effort end and recovery efforts begin? Who takes over recovery operations once the response effort is completed? And why?

A terrorist incident just occurred in your city with an unknown group using plastic explosives and a liquefied chlorine gas tanker truck as the explosive. The explosion occurred in a neighborhood where high-rise apartment builds are located. As the emergency management director, should you tell residents to shelter-in-place or evacuate to an alternate location?

As part of their responsibilities, WMD-CSTs are used to respond to certain suspected “white powder” incidents within their assigned area of operations. Who authorizes the deployment of this organization and how would you, as an emergency manager, incorporate their capabilities in your response plans for WMD threats?

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