Posted: March 11th, 2023


KINS 256 – Endocrine & Immune Systems

Respond to the following prompts and submit your completed worksheet in Canvas.

1. Discuss how hormones are released and transported. What is pulsatility?

2. Discuss the relationship of exercise with the following hormones:

a. Growth Hormone (GH):

b. Beta-endorphin:

c. Testosterone:

d. Estrogens:

e. Insulin-like growth factors (IGFs):

f. Epinephrine (aka Adrenaline):

3. Describe hormonal regulation as it applies to fluid balance during exercise.

4. Discuss how exercise plays a role in Diabetes management and prevention in terms regard to insulin.

5. You are a trainer working with a client that is in a building phase involving high volumes of weight training. Discuss how the hormones increased with this type of training would influence the muscle building processes. How might this impact metabolic rate?

6. Outline the responses of exercise on immune function

7. Outline the chronic adaptations to exercise regarding immune function.

8. Discuss some common ways in which immune response can be lowered in athletes (your answer should include overtraining and 2-3 other common habits athletes may have that could lessen immune responses).

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