Posted: August 23rd, 2021


follow video, chapter 5 of Kukkonen, Monstress to answer this question

Reading (and watching) Questions #7
1. What were broadsheets?2. What is a caricature?3. What were penny dreadfuls?4. Name the first real comic book.5. List the three big pioneers of American comics.6. How did the Yellow Kid start a newspaper war?7. What is yellow journalism?8. Name Winsor McCay’s first animated film.9. What is Krazy Kat’s gender?10. What is metafiction?11. Name the first true American comic book.12. Who created Superman?13. What comic book first introduced Batman?14. Who created Wonder Woman?15. What is Wonder Woman’s magic lasso based on?16. What is the title of Dr. Wertham’s famous book?17. What did the Comics Code Authority do?18. Why are Underground Comix spelled with an x?19. In what ways did Underground Comix reflect the concerns of the 1960s counterculture?20. Who was Robert Crumb?21. What were head shops?22. What two things distinguish the Bayeaux tapestry from comics?23. Why does Kukkonen claim that the Memorial Portrait of Sir Henry Unton and the page from Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis cannot be classified as comics?24. What are proto-comics? [Hint: all boldface terms are defined in the glossary at the end of the book.]25. List three people Kukkonen claims are precursors of comics in emergent mass culture.26. Who created the Yellow Kid?27. How did early newspaper comics reflect the experience of living in cities?28. According to Kukkonen, how did the comic book format begin?29. Who was the first superhero in comics?30. Who pioneered horror comics?31. What is the name of the horror comic featured in Watchmen?32. According to Kukkonen, what are the three ages of superhero comic books?33. What is the multiverse?34. What was the CMAA?35. What were the effects of the Comics Code?36. How did Raymond Williams define popular culture?37. What is the difference between high culture and popular culture?38. What was the Frankfurt School?39. What type of art took up comics in the 1960s?40. What was the British Invasion in comics?41. What was the first mainstream comics series to be published without the Comics Code Authority’s seal of approval?42. What are arcanics?43. Who are the cumaea?44. Why does Maika allow herself to be captured as a slave?45. What does Maika take from Lady Yvette’s chambers?46. Who really massacres the people at the Cumaean chapter house of Zamora?47. Who survives the massacre?48. Whom does the Mother Superior resurrect?49. Who is Master Ren?50. Why is Kippa afraid of Maika?51. Who is Professor Tam Tam?52. Who shows up to guide Maika north?53. Who does Lady Atena smuggle out of Zamora?54. What are the five races of the known world?55. Who betrays Maika to the Dusk Court?56. What is behind the Mother Superior’s mask?57. Who is the baroness?

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