Posted: August 6th, 2022

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RelationshipBetween Substance Abuse and Physical Performance in Cycling.

Hook: Doping is today a hidden issue in sport that blurs the honesty and clarity of major sporting events. Many institutions and specialists make an effort to try to prevent this type of dishonest act by a large percentage of athletes worldwide.

Background Information: Doping is known as prohibited substances, treatments or drugs used by athletes to increase sports performance. This illegal practice has been carried out since almost the beginning of modern sports games. The first case of doping appeared specifically in the year 1904 at the Olympic Games, an athlete used a substance called strychnine to increase speed and endurance (American College of Medical Toxicology, 2017). The use of prohibited substances by some athletes affects the credibility of sporting events and the results go beyond human limits following economic and media interests (Adv Pharm Bull. 2018). Some sports such as cycling require a lot of physical effort and such hardness is demonstrated by the great cycling tours with up to 21 days of competition at the highest level with stages of up to 150 miles. So much is the rigor of the competitions and the pressure from the sponsors to obtain results, that the cyclists are involved in consuming certain substances or undergoing treatments to have good results or maintain an image within the sports world. The substances used to improve performance and without forgetting that they are prohibited are divided into categories, substances that have an effect on muscle growth, those that accelerate recovery, substances that increase resistance, and another group widely used in recent times that mask other prohibited substances (American College of Medical Toxicology, 2017).

Problem Statement: Sometimes the use of doping does not always have a happy ending, for decades many athletes have had a fatal outcome due to being exposed to an excessive use of these substances. Studies show that the main substances that can be fatal are Anabolic Steroids and substances that increase blood oxygenation such as erythropoietin. The exaggerated use of these substances by some athletes who want to push their performance beyond the limits has resulted in death.

Research Questions: How does doping in cycling something common in major competitions?

Hypothesis: Substance abuse in cycling is believed to be the reason many cyclists perform so well in long-duration races.

 Thesis Statement: The objective of this work is to determine which are the substances that increase the performance of cyclists. 




Alexandru, V., Hancu., Cosmin, P., & Andrea, L. (2018). Doping in Sports, a Never-Ending Story? Adv Pharm Bull, 8(4), 529–534.


American College of Medical Toxicology. (2017). What is “doping” and why do athletes do this?

Submit the complete Literature Review section for the research paper you are writing. Please ensure that your Literature Review presents at least five (5) references published within the last five (5) years. Below the Literature Review narrative, provide the complete References list of the sources used in writing the Literature Review. Use APA style (7th Ed.) to enter the references. This section should be well developed. PLAGIARISM 15%

Formulate the Research Method of your selected topic. Please ensure that you incorporate all appropriate elements:

* The type of research used (remember that all students must carry a meta-analysis)

* The step-by-step process of the research

* The tools used during the research

* How were these tools handled.

Provide the complete References list of the sources used in writing the Method. Use APA style (7th Ed.) to enter the references.

Note: Remember that you should use the past tense, 3rd person, active or passive voice.

3) Based on the information collected in the Research Method, formulate the Results section of your selected topic. Do not forget that your Results section needs to provide:

a. the narrative paragraph that presents objectively the findings resulted from the Method and that helps your reader understand the information presented in the visual

b. the visual (table, figure, graph) of findings.

Please do not interpret the results as this will be done in the following section!

Provide the complete References list of the sources used in writing the Results. Use APA style (7th Ed.) to enter the references

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