Posted: September 19th, 2022


Critique a Journal Article

Please find an article from a peer review journals on Research article from health journal or

related to your own field of study.Your article must be a quantitative or qualitative study,

where you can find the following information and critically assess the research article. No

Review Article is Accepted!!

You can send me for approval before starting your assignment.

Please answer the following information in your critique paper based on the article you have

picked. You must have at least five (5) paragraphs with heading (Purpose of research;

Methods & Data Collection; Data Analysis & Results; Interpretation of Data; Implications of

Research)!! Please check Grading Rubrics for All Requirements!!

Good Luck!!

A. Purpose of Research

1. Why was the study done?

2. What were the prior hypotheses, if any?

B. Methods & Data Collection

3. What type of study design was employed?

4. How was the study population selected?

5. How was the size of the sample determined?

6. How was the ratio of cases receiving the intervention to comparison subjects

determined? (Note: only applicable for intervention studies.)

7. Could there have been bias in the selection of the study subjects? How likely might

selection bias affect the data?

8. Could there have been bias in the collection of information? How likely might

observation bias affect the data?

9. What provisions were made to minimize confounding at the design level?

C. Data Analysis & Results

1. Describe and critique the methods used to control confounding at the analysis level.

2. Describe and critique the methods used to measure the association between exposure

and disease.

3. Describe and critique the methods used to measure the precision of the statistical

estimates (e.g., confidence interval).

4. Is the internal consistency among the data presented in the paper (e.g., do the

numbers and percentages sum appropriately in the tables)?

D. Interpretation of data

1. Present the major results of the study.

2. How might bias have affected these results?

3. To whom may the results of this study be generalized?

4. Is the interpretation of the data conservative?

E. Implication of Research.

F. Your own opinion about the research article.

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