Posted: August 23rd, 2021


· Briefly outline your key research questions.
· A discussion of data – what data are you planning to use & how to collect them?
o Primary data – if you decided to collect primary data, we expect a clear identification of a target group including tactics for establishing contact and ensuring sufficient number of replies as well as a preliminary sectioning for interviewing/survey questions or concrete example questions. 
o Secondary data – to extract data from existing databases, you need to state clearly the variables that you would like to collect, their frequency, and sample period and source of the data. It is important to check if you will have the access to these databases. 
· What methodology will be used to analyse your data? 
o You need to identify the appropriate methods that are suitable to analyse your data from the prior studies.
o You need to justify the choice of your chosen approach(es).
· What is the structure of the final work? 
· Initial bibliography i.e., review of key studies. 

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