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5 pages, APA format, in-text citation, references include

Instruction attach below

Minimum of 4 references within 5 years ( has to be Scholarly references)

Topic: An ALF resident has a family member who arrives at the facility to visit their loved one later in the evening. The staff member that answers the door and can smell the alcohol on the visitor. The staff member is reluctant to let the visitor in, but their behavior appears to be well controlled, perhaps a little loud for the time of day, but otherwise appropriate. Per the facility’s policy, the staff member asks the visitor to wait in the lobby since their loved one’s roommate is already in bed. The ALF resident is informed that their loved one has arrived to visit them and is waiting in the lobby. A family conference room is available for their use if the resident would like to use that area for privacy. The resident did not really want their loved ones to visit this late at night, as they indicated to the staff member that it was late, and the staff member could see the resident’s hesitancy but indicated that they would go to the lobby. This resident is aware of their loved one’s problems with alcohol use and was concerned that if they did not go to the lobby that their loved one could become loud and belligerent with staff, while possibly waking other ALF residents. The resident made the decision to visit with their loved ones, and the staff followed all the facility’s policies appropriately. However, concerns over these visits by staff members for this specific ALF resident exist, as do concerns for their other residents, and for the staff, when these visits occur.

The Research Paper Must Contain the Following Sections for Your Selected Scenario:

Aspect A: Introduction and State Residence:

· Provide a summary of the selected scenario.

· Select a state residence to apply the selected scenario. Your selection should based on your current state’s residence, or prior state’s residence, such as Maryland, Georgia, or any of the applicable 50 states.  You will use your state to address the applicable aspects of the paper.

· Present a clearly defined thesis statement to assert your position on the paper.

Aspect B: Evaluation of the Ethical Principles and LTC Ombudsman Program:

· Identify and explain of at least three ethical principles to the situation.

· Include the following items in your evaluation:

· (a.) relevant ethical considerations.

· (b.) responsibilities of the healthcare provider, LTC organization, and one additional stakeholder.

· (c.) importance of upholding these ethical principles.

· (d.) the resident’s rights, the resident’s safety, and their quality of care impacted by this situation.

· (e.) potential consequences, if the situation is not resolved by upholding these ethical principles.

· Apply your state-specific LTC Ombudsman program to the scenario.

· Evaluate the role of the LTC Ombudsman in this situation, including the following items:

· (a.) strengths of the program in your state residence.

· (b.) barriers to the program or situation.

· (c.) potential resources that the LTC Ombudsman could provide.

Aspect C: Analysis of One LTC Regulation and an Assessment of the Situation from an Administrator’s Lens:

· Identify and explain one applicable federal or state LTC regulation for the situation.

· Include the following items in your analysis:

· (a.) significance of regulatory compliance for your selected regulation.

· (b.) administrator’s role associated with the regulation.

· (c.) one potential resource that the administrator could provide to help the staff comply with the regulation in the future and how this resource could support the staff should a similar situation occur in the future.   

Aspect D: Conclusion

· Provide a conclusion that summarizes the main points of your research on the selected scenario.

· Present your final thoughts regarding the larger implications of your research.

· Include comments that support your initial thesis statement to the final message that you want to convey in your writing.

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