Posted: September 18th, 2022


 ***About all assignment information in the file. 

Individual Project # 1 

Hello everyone, 

Write a two-page descriptive essay, following MLA format, on your favorite American made/produced/directed and acted. Only films made in the U.S.A.

1. What is the main argument?

2. What are the roles of the characters?

3. Does this film follow the concept of “Art for the sake of art” or “Art with a message”?

A descriptive essay is a simple essay, it contains:
1- Description,

2- Place,

3- Person,

4. Object, and

5.  A special significance to you. (Ex. Was the director effective? Would you recommend the film? Why was it compelling/why was it not? etc.)

6. Please pay attention to the following:

· You are writing a reflection; therefore, you do not need to cite anything or provide a bibliography. 

· Since this is a reflection, pronouns like “I” are acceptable but should not be included in your essay. 

· This is a two full page project; it is not a 1 and a 3/4-page essay. It must be two full pages to get full credit. 

· Reference the Summary vs. Review PowerPoint under Content > MLA/Essay Guidelines to make sure you are not summarizing the film.

· Make sure that you turn in your work on time.

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