Posted: August 6th, 2022

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BUSI 1250 – Final Course Reflection
Guidelines for Final Course Reflection Assignment (15%)

In this assignment, you will reflect on the progress you have made over the semester in
achieving the course learning outcomes, the growth in your understanding of Human
Resources Management, as well as the course experience overall. This reflection must

1. Insight and an explanation of how you achieved each course learning
outcome this semester:
A student who successfully completes the course will have reliably demonstrated
the ability to:

• identify all aspects of Human Resources Management (HRM)

• provide concepts and ideas in understanding the human resources
responsibilities of managers

• apply human resources terminology in the work environment

• understand the major functions of HRM such as planning, staffing and
maintenance processes

• define and assess Canadian and BC legislation related to human resource
policies and practices

Use the textbook, lessons, and APA to cite and reference these
sources to

further support your answer.

2. Insight and an explanation of the growth in your understanding in each of the

HR topic areas:

• The Strategic Role of HR

• The Legal Environment

• Designing & Analyzing Jobs

• Recruitment & Selection

• Onboarding & Training

• Performance Management

• Labour Relations

• Managing Employee Separations

• Compensation & Benefits

• Occupational Health & Safety

• Managing HR in a Global Business Environment

Use the textbook, lessons, and APA to cite and reference these sources to

further support your answer.


3. Overall course reflection which includes:

• the 3 most valuable things you learned in the course and how you plan
to use each one in your future career

• what you are most proud of accomplishing/learning/doing in this course

• what you wish you would have done differently and why

• feedback on the course (e.g., structure, assignments,
asynchronous and synchronous learning sessions, etc.)

To successfully complete this assignment, you must:

• Clearly explain how you achieved each course learning outcome. Ensure to
provide specific examples of your achievements/progress.

• Clearly explain what your initial understanding was for each of the HR
topics listed above and provide insight as to the evolution to what your
understanding is now.

• Reflect on the course overall this semester. This includes providing insight into
what you found most valuable and how it will benefit you in your career, what you
are most proud of, what you would have changed or done differently, and finally
feedback that you would like to give your instructor on the course.

This assignment can be submitted in any one of the following formats:

• PowerPoint presentation with notes pages

• Word document submitted as a PDF

• Infographic

• PebblePad E-Portfolio

It is your choice! However, any format outside of what is listed here will not be

For your assignment to pass, your reflection must:

• Be submitted on time.

• Be your original work. Any evidence of plagiarism or academic dishonesty
may be reported to the Dean’s office

• Cite your references and follow APA formatting standards.

• Address all the bulleted points listed above, both specifically and thoroughly.



Content • Did you address each bulleted point thoroughly?

• Did you thoughtfully reflect on how you achieved each
course learning outcome?

• Did you thoughtfully reflect on your understanding of
each HR topic area?

• Did you reflect on the overall course experience?


Organization • Was the information communicated organized and in a
logical sequence?

• Was the information communicated in an interesting way?

• Was the assignment presented in a professional format?


Spelling &


• Was the assignment proofread to ensure it was free of

spelling and grammar errors?


APA Citation • Was all material that was not 100% your idea properly

cited and referenced in APA format?


Total 15

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