Posted: August 21st, 2021

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Discussion 1


Respond to the following questions in a minimum of 175 words (this does not include re-typing the question and your sources/references).  

At least one (1) APA formatted reference is required with your answer (please support your work with strong sources). 

How can a company’s marketing organization identify newly emerging competitors in time to plan and execute an effective marketing strategy in response to these competitors? Provide an example

Why is marketing research important to the development of a marketing strategy? Provide a specific example. 


Select a product with which you are familiar. Based on your knowledge of the product lifecycle, what types of changes will occur to your selected product? How will this affect the marketing of your selected product?


Provide an example of how geographical location can affect your selection of distribution channels.

 Provide an example of how an international company (such as Unilever or Mondelez International) changes its distribution channels and/or marketing messages based on country.

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