Posted: August 5th, 2022

For Sheer – ATMO

Designing Your Project

This project is an open-ended project designed to help you connect the meteorology topics we have been studying to your major.

You should pick a specific topic to develop your project. What you submit at the end could be:

· A 4-5 minute video.

· A 4-5 page (minimum) multimedia (words, pictures, video, animation) blog post. This should be written for a general adult audience.

· An art piece (visual, written, or performing). Please include a brief paragraph or description of how you used weather in the piece.

· A 4-5 page (minimum) research paper including appropriate references.

· Or something else!

Please prepare 3-5minute note for presentation


Some examples of previous projects:
-A business major wrote a business plan for using water repellent chemicals on sports shoes in wet locations.
-An elementary education major developed a detailed lesson plan for teaching about lake effect snow in Utah to young students.
-A theatre major wrote a short play that incorporated the weather disasters we learned about in class.
-An art major painted a supercell thunderstorm and a tornado.

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