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Hey here is Part III of COMP 101 and COMP 102. These are the responses to the classmates. Thank you.


Part III COMP 101 DB responses to classmates:


Phillip Trupiano                          

Hello Classmates,             I just recently had the pleasure of putting together a PPP for a group project in my Accounting 205 class, which asked the group to present a PPP of a for-profit company of our choice.  For those of you that have been involved in group projects, you know the challenge of such assignments.  For this particular project, I used a combination of a template and scratch slides, just formatting the slides to meet the needs for the assignment.  This was really my first attempt at an actual Power Point Presentation, but I was pleasantly surprised at how simple Microsoft has made this process.             The method of creating slides from scratch isn’t as intimidating as it may appear.  The advantage here is; you can create the slides to match the colors, design, and concept for your event.  For example, if you’re creating this presentation for work you are able to insert your company’s logo and design the concept with whatever colors and shapes you want your slides to project.  Adding in such features as; Bullet Points, Inserting text boxes, Clip-art and graphics allow the user to input their own flavor and style into the presentation, and works really well if you want your event to take on a unique or original theme that doesn’t have a so-called cookie-cutter appearance (Power Point, n.d.).             Although the method of creating slides from scratch offer such wonderful options, this doesn’t come without a few disadvantages, such as, forgoing originality and substituting convenience for simplicity, being restricted to the theme of the template, the slide layout may not allow room for adding logos or event graphics and charts, the color scheme and design may not highlight your events focus points.               On the other hand, there are significant advantages to using pre-formatted and design templates.  This method offers the user the ability to save time and resources by choosing a group of slides without compromising time or other vital resources.  Also, the user can easily manipulate the slides without too much effort, allowing for minor tweaks and adjustments to fit the user’s needs.  Some slide packages offer animation and graphics to enhance the presentation.  Microsoft has done a really good job of providing a large selection of templates and themes to help the user find and choose the right layout.  Often a combination of slide creation from scratch incorporated with a template work really well for most scenarios.             Power Point also allows for the user to use an outline format to help plan the structure and organize the points to be emphasized.  The slide show is used as a visual aid to help the speaker or presenter convey their message.  This helps to present the material in a logical and orderly fashion, which is a preferred method for the presenter.  Often it’s the presenter, not the presentation that makes the difference between an effective presentation and a not-so effective presentation (Power Point Tips, n.d.).   References Power Point Tips. (n.d.). 5 steps for business planning projects ppt sample outline powerpoint              slides. Retrieved April 8, 2014 from Power Point, YouTube. (n.d.). How to Create Amazing Original Powerpoint Presentation Slides.              Retrieved April 8, 2014 from   Janee’ Embry    The advantage of creating your own powerpoint from scratch is that you are able to put your own ideas and vision on a clear slate.  You can add any tables, clip art, graphs and pictures to form your ideal powrpoint.  The disadvantage is that the slides may not appear formatted and uniformed with one another.  Some slides may be presented professionally while others may not be in accordance with that appearance.  The advantage of using slide temlates is that he slides will be uniformed and professional.  All the slides will be presented in a schematic way showing the individuals skill level with power point.  The disadvantage of thst is that you are unble to add what you want.  If you try to add in what you want it will differentiate the slides and may change the editing of the original template.   If you plan your power point outline ahead of time you will have a sure idea of what the end results will look like. You can plan on what pictures will be used, the font styling and have a schematic plan of the diagrams Christopher Nelson               POWER POINT Christopher Nelson American InterContinental University   The first topic that will be talked about is creating slides from scratch and what the advantages and disadvantages are. The advantages for conducting a power point presentation from scratch are to be creative and use different functions that you normally would not use. For example, you may want the titles to fly in and make the slide have a popping appearance. Conducting a class or a briefing that is not so serious you may want clip art in or a funny photo. You have a chance to explore the functions and use different mediums in the slides. You could fill the slide up or take only one piece per slide. A disadvantage of making your slides from scratch is more time consuming. You may think it looks professional, but others may wonder who through this together. Matching all the slides to flow well takes time. Some people are not very creative and may need a starting point. Thinking of titles for each slide maybe hard or putting too much information on one slide. Topic number two is the advantages and disadvantages of using a template for power point presentation. An advantage of a template is that you already have a structure and format for the presentation. The templates work well when you are in high level meetings, and the boss knows what to expect and there are little to no surprises. When a company is showing the states for their firm and updating the CEO from different offices, and they are all working together. The disadvantage of having a template is that when working from different offices you need to make sure everyone is using the same font and the slides do not jump around. The power point uses less creativity and is more serious. You have less control of the presentation. Sometimes the presentation can be boring and stale.   Reference: LeChat, F. (2014). The advantages and the disadvantages of creating slides from scratch using powerpoint. Retrieved from http://smallbusiness.chron.comPart III COMP 102 DB responses to classmates:  Dominique Fields               Althogh after researching many tips to creating an effective powerpoint there were many but some really grabbed my attention immediately I hope this helps more than just me. Fonts: The first tip is to keep a sharp contrast between fonts and backgorund,the most important thing about using fonts on the slide and color of the slide is to keep it clear meaning little contrast=little readability to the audience. The second tip is use standard fonts, stick to fonts that are common to every computer, no matter how fabulous you think your fonts look. There is one more tip that stcuk out to me and that was consistency makes for a better presenation, be consistent stick to two, or at most three fonts for the whole presentation. Graphic and Design: The first tip is to create a simple design template, the method of content presentation(list, image or text) depends on the content but consistency with other elements such as fonts, colors, background, throughout the presentation is essential. Establish consistent contrasting colors dark/light for the text background. The second tip is to use good quality images, images should reinforce and complement your message, they should be impactful, not space fillers. Don’t clutter the slide with images unless they truly add value to your topic overall. Color: The first tip is to understand the relationship between colors, color can be a powerful tool for presenting information, it conveys meaning and influences attitudes. The second tip is to keep your color with in your topic, certain colors can either bring out the best or the worst in a presentation. Keeping your color with in your topic is just basically a reflection of what you are visualizing about what your presentation is about. For example if I was to do  a powerpoint presentation on love the color that comes to my mind is red, being creative is great but keeping it with in your message is important.  General presentation: The first tip is to limit punctuation and avoid putting words in all capital letters, empty space on the slide will readabilty to the reader and your mission is to convey a clear and understandable message. The second tip is to use contasting colors for the text and background, light text on a dark background is the best. Patterned backgound can reduce readability to the reader it ca become difficult. Also proof reading each slide and checking for spelling and grammar is very imperative because an audience goes off first impressions and if they see misspelled words they may feel that you just put anything together and you did not precisely take your time. Last but never least body gestures and also the volume of your voice is important too, always speak loud but not too loud just enough for your audience to hear, speak clearly as well show the audience that you are confident in what you are talking about.                                                                                                       References                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   [removed]Tamara Hendricks  Write a script – write the presentation out or write your speech out on paperPay attention to design – deicide what type of view or look you want to have for the presentationUse images sparingly – don’t use too many pictures.  In order to get you point across you don’t have to use a lot of picturesHave a hook – have something that will grab the audience, what will keep the audience attention and allow them to pay attention to the entire presentationAsk questions – after you are done ask if there are any questions from the audience if they grab the concept and understandFont – make your font nice so that everyone can read them and they are not strugglingColor – black and white is plain jane, put some color to it and grab the attention of your audience Yteria Campbell Tips on an effective Power Point One of the tips for making an effective power point presentation is to not use italics or underline. I found out that using italics and underline makes the words harder to read. I did not realize that. I use it all the time in power points because I thought it makes it easier to see. Another tip is instead of using bullets, use pictures. I never thought of that. I sometimes add pictures but I never used pictures instead of bullets. I guess it depends on what type of presentation you are giving. It is a visual audience or just a fun type presentation, more color and pictures the better.                            [removed] [removed]                 

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