Posted: June 6th, 2022


need help dis min 3 to 400 words ttl.
Discussion 1
The first law of geography tells us that things that are closer in space are more alike than things that are farther apart. This not only includes things in nature but also with humans. Respond to the following:
· Think about people your age in the area you live and describe what you have in common with those people.
· Then pick another region of your country and describe what you might have in common or what is different.
· Describe what is different about the physical, economic, and/or cultural geography of the two places that might explain the similarities or differences.
· Finally, do you think that where you live plays a role in who you are? Why or why not?
· Posts are at least 150 words long and completely respond to all questions.
Discussion 2
The era of European colonialism has had a major impact on modern geography. Use the
map presented on Vox
to assist you. Try to choose a country in the world that has not been chosen by a classmate.
· Briefly describe the history of European colonialism in that country.
· Are the effects of colonialism still present today in that country and if so, how?
· Is there a divide in that country between the native people and the European colonial settlers?
Map: European colonialism conquered every country in the world but these five – Vox

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