Posted: June 7th, 2022


need help 200 word ech
Discussion 6-1
Where does your food come from? Choose one item from your cupboard or grocery store that has more than seven ingredients on the label. Pick one ingredient you have not heard of before.
· Do some research on that ingredient and tell your classmates about it.
· Is it a natural ingredient or one that is created in a factory/laboratory?
· Do you think that your grandparents had this ingredient in their food supply? How has your diet changed from your grandparent’s generation?
6-2 Discussion
Humans have used a variety of methods to get food throughout history. Choose one of the following food-getting strategies: foraging, horticulture, pastoralism, or intensive agriculture. Then, find a culture that gets its food using that method and describe the process that culture uses. How does its method of obtaining food affect its population size, economy, government, and mobility?
With the population issues we face today, what are some challenges we face in terms of food production?

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