Posted: June 19th, 2022


2 disc 400 wrds total
Discussion 1
What is the nearest large city (>50,000 population) near you (or your own city if it is large)?
· What are the city’s biggest basic and nonbasic activities?
· Describe the relative location of the city in terms of why it is located where it is (e.g., a big river).
· What forms of transportation does the city use?
· What benefits or drawbacks are there to living in that city?
Note: When responding to your classmates, focus on similarities and differences between their chosen city and yours. Be sure to note the distance between the city you chose and the city you are responding to and how that relates to the similarities and differences (e.g., different climate, resources, etc.).
Be sure to cite your textbook or course resources in your post.
Discussion 2
Unfortunately, war and conflict occur today and have been part of human history as well. Choose a conflict/war going on today.
· How does the geography, economy, and culture of the area or parties involved play a role in the conflict?
· Is this conflict/war causing a migration of people? If so, why? If not, why?
Be sure to cite your textbook or course resources in your post.

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