Posted: June 8th, 2022

Geography Assignment

Geography Assignment
You are to submit 550 words well-organized, well-labeled (with headings/
sub-headings) summaries / lecture notes. You can choose either short
paragraphs or coherent point form formats. Only use those three sources I
Use the following questions as guidance:
1.To begin your lecture, what background to the issue would you want to give
your students?
2.What points would you raise explaining how the issue has reached the crisis
stage (particularly in Canada)? What barriers inhibit it from being resolved? What
different perspectives are there on the cause of the issue?
3.What points would you raise about how the issue could be addressed? What
different perspectives are there on how it might be addressed?
4.What are some other important considerations that you would want to raise
about the issue?—-whats-the-solution-to-the-opioid-crisis/—-whats-the-solution-to-the-opioid-crisis/

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