Posted: June 19th, 2022


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Discussion 8: The Geologic Past, Present, and Future
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We are surrounded by beautiful natural formations, be it forests, rivers, mountains, or oceans. Geology is the study of all of Earth’s natural forms, not just rocks and minerals. Specifically, geology looks at how and why these things came to be.
Pick a major natural formation. It can be a mountain range, a river, a forest, a glacier, or anything else.The only things that are forbidden are entire continents and oceans/seas that aren’t landlocked(e.g., the Black Sea is fine, since it is entirely landlocked; the Greenland Sea is not, since it’s basically just part of the Arctic Ocean). Research it and tell us the following about that formation:
· How and when it formed.
· What was there before it?
· How long is it expected to last?
· Any ecological or economic purposes it serves.
Research about “The Black Sea” Is already used

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