Posted: August 2nd, 2022


Three questions require a minimum of 300 words each.



Question 1: Minimum 300 words

How is a global business strategy compiled? Include an examination of the importance of mission, vision, objectives, and values statements. From there, discuss a minimum of three tools used to develop an effective global business strategy. Within this discussion, include insights on the role of leadership in this planning process.

Question 2: Minimum 300 words

Define competitive advantage and discuss the concept from the perspective of global business. Often, businesses use benchmarking to track their performance to assist improvement efforts. What are key performance indicators (KPIs), and how do KPIs apply in a benchmarking exercise?

Question 3: Minimum 300 words

Innovation has been called the holy grail of management. What does this phrase mean in the context of global business? How does a business build internal corporate entrepreneurship? How can a leader build a culture of innovation in a firm?

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