Posted: August 3rd, 2022



Watch the following video in preparation for this assignment:

NICA: Infusion Centers. (2020, March 9). Medicare & Medicaid 101 . 

Use what you learned from the video, the module’s required readings, and your own research to answer the following questions in your paper.

1. Test your knowledge using the quiz below. Discuss your scores (your quiz grade will not impact assignment score). APA only allows for third person. You may refer to yourself as the student.
Medicaid and Long-Term Care Quiz. KFF. (2016, January 21). 

Home Page

2. Distinguish between Medicare and Medicaid.

3. Discuss how Medicare has evolved to accommodate the changing needs of society. Do not just go through the timeline – read the materials, think about how society has changed, and explain how Medicare has changed to meet those needs.

4. Discuss the impact of health care reform initiatives on Medicare/Medicaid.

Length: Submit a 3-page paper, not including the cover page and the reference list.


Use the module required and optional materials and your own research to respond to the following questions:

1. Locate the Web site for the state of Virginia health department.

2. Summarize eligibility criteria for the Medicaid program in Virginia state of residence.

3. Describe your Virginia’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP). What is it called? Who is eligible? What services are covered?

Length: Submit a 3-page paper, not including the cover page and the reference list.

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