Posted: June 13th, 2022

Health P Topic

For each Topic question please provide:
· the discussion topic, making sure to meet all of the criteria on the rubric.
· A substantive comment should be approximately 200 words or more.
· Cite sources within your comment to support your statements.
· Include at least one reference, properly formatted, not just a link.
Topic 1
· Why is Healthy physical, social, and economic environments that strengthen the potential to achieve health and well-being. of a healthy community are most important to you?
· What would you tell the mayor about the health of your community? For full credit, be sure to mention ways your community is and is not healthy. Let us know which community you are writing about.
Topic 2
The Health Education Code of Ethics can be found at:
In light of this code, are health educators obligated to do their part in striving toward the achievement ofHealthy People 2030objectives? Please explain your response.
Topic 3
Thinking back to the Leading Health Indicator upon which you chose to focus in Topic one above, are we “on target” to meet the goal/objectives associated with that indicator by 2030? Please explain your response.

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