Posted: September 20th, 2022

Healthcare Homework Help

See attached document – no plagiarism – must be original work

Need help writing a position research paper for my class Healthcare Systems & Policy


: Should parents be allowed to refuse immunizations which are required for schools? 

Each section should encompass 4 pages at minimum please with cited references in APA format


I. Statement of the Issue – Heather

· What is the underlying problem (i.e., problem definition)?

· What is the controversial issue(s)?

· What are the benefits of solving the problem?

· What is your a priori position (i.e., before doing your research)?

II. Background and Evolution of the Issue (literature review) – Heather

· What is the origin of the problem?

· What is the current state of affairs?

· Who are the principal stakeholders (e.g., patients, purchasers, providers, etc.)?

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