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Wk 4 – Personalizing a Supervision Model
Assignment Content
Top of Form
It is important for counselors and clinical supervisors to develop their own models for counseling and supervision. This assignment will help you to develop or become aware of your own personal philosophy/theoretical orientation of supervision.
Choosea supervision model you feel you would utilize as a supervisor.
Writea 700- to 1,050-word paper describing how you would tailor this model to meet the supervisory needs of the supervisor and supervisee.
Includethe following:
· Discuss your beliefs and values that influenced your choice of this model.
· Describe the underlying tenets of the theory.
· Explain the major strengths of the model.
· Explain the major limitations of the model.
· Describe why this model is a good fit for you.
· Describe how you would personalize this model to meet the needs of the supervisor and supervisee.
Formatyour paper according to APA guidelines. 3 Peer-reviewed sources needed

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