Posted: March 12th, 2023

Help with Assignment

Help with assignment

Capstone Project - Skill Enhancement Proposal UNIV 4350 Spring 2023

This is due March 20, 2022 via Blackboard.

Your UNIV 4350 Capstone Project asks you to select an important skill and then refine it. After reflecting on your relative strengths and improvement areas related to four different skills (identified in the Career Exploration assignment), you will propose a plan of action to enhance skill proficiency in one of the skills you identified as needing improvement.

Take this assignment seriously! Proposals will be accepted or denied based on the quality of research conducted and the quality of proposed plan of action for improvement.

In the format of a professional memorandum, your Skill Enhancement Proposal should:

Step One: Select one of the four skills you identified previously. Justify your selection.

Step Two: Develop a behavior change plan to follow for two weeks (March 27-31, April 3-7) to increase proficiency in your selected skill. Designs should be informed by academic research and citations should be completed in APA format.

● Include at least three academic sources from academic journals accessed from the library databases.

● Include at least one practical source such as a TED talk. ● Include a minimum of five sources.

Step Three: Propose a step-by-step description of the proposed behavior change. Include specific information about:

● which tasks will be completed each day of the ten days. ● a list of questions/prompts you will respond to during the ten days of your observation.

Step Four: Summarize the expected personal outcomes of the self-observation project. What changes do you hope/expect to see in your behaviors?

Step Five: Submit your proposal as a x or file.

Step Six: Wait for proposal approval to begin these tasks.

This proposal will be worth 10 points of the Capstone Project's 25 points. To do this well, I expect that you will write a minimum of three pages (12-point font, double spaced, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins). Sources should be provided in APA format. (That includes hanging indents!)

Your proposal will be due via Blackboard on Tuesday, March 20 before the start of class.

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