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Unit 7 DB: Media Literacy in Everyday Life
Unit 7 DB: Media Literacy in Everyday Life
· In response to your peers, discuss ways you can be more literate about your media consumption and experiences. (Please respond to at least two classmates’ posts.)
What is Media Literacy? Media Literacy is the concept of Literacy and the ability to access and analyze Media messages as well as create, reflect, and take action using the knowledge and power of information and communication to promote positive change in the world. Basically in lamest terms having the knowledge to access and evaluate all forms of media. This is an important skill to have in my opinion because Media is very influential in this day and time. So having the ability to access something in order to get information or even to create something is a good skill to have. Having media Literacy has helped me in my professional and social life. It gives me the ability to know and understand what and who are reliable sources for my school work. Media Literacy can help people recognize bias in the media. It has helped me understand when something or someone is being negative or the message that is trying to be sent is negative. One thing I’ve notice is lately in the world from my view many people seem to come across as if they don’t have media Literacy, or they believe the propaganda and feed off of the things they receive from the media, and I just don’t understand how they don’t see it. So all in all I would definitely say having Media Literacy is a blessing, because not understanding what’s being put out there everyday could hurt someone, which goes back to what I just stated, not understanding the media and believing in false information is no good. So yes its a very good skill to have in this day in time.
Media literacy is the ability to access or analyze media. Media literacy is an important skill to hold because it helps us understand what we read and see better. It helps us know what we should read and watch. Media is a good thing because it keeps you connected with your family and friends. Media can also be very draining and depressing and a lot of drama. I feel like depending on the situation media can be a burden and a blessing.
Unit 7 Discussion: Planning for Global Market
Unit 7 Discussion: Planning for Global Market
We want to hear your opinions so please try to post more than the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of 3 times in this weekly conversations. Here’s a set of recommendations:
· Try to post your initial post on Monday or Tuesday (no later than Wednesday)
· Try to post at least 2 responses (absolute minimum requirement) to other students on separate days of the week
For example:
· 1 on Thursday
· 1 on Friday
However, if you are interested being eligible for top grades… please consider entering a total of 5 (or more) contributions to the weekly conversations on separate days of the week!
All this provides the rest of our group with additional time to respond in a thoughtful way and contribute meaningful insight to the conversations! We all have our individual perspectives so please share your personal experiences as they relate to the weekly conversation!
Top of Form
Tesla’s global marketing campaign would benefit from investing in market research for their campaign. This was one of our earlier units but we learned that although market research is more expensive, it’s a greater investment for a brand in the long run. You are able to invest in targeted research that is more niche to your brand rather than doing a broader search for information which would be free but not as useful. The consultancy can hone in on the needs of their biggest buyers and demographic. By finding out what is important to them (socially, morally and etc) they will be able to better meet the needs of their customers.
Bottom of Form
Hello Everyone
Direct and digital marketing would be the type of research the consultancy conduct to understand each of the wide variety of cultures that which the brand competes. Engaging with carefully targeted individual consumer communities to both obtain an immediate response and build lasting customers relationship. Tesla is the world’s largest carmaker ( as determined by market capitalization). Direct digital marketing would be a match for Tesla’s wide variety of cultures because direct and digital are the fastest growing forms of marketing. And as direct marketing (Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G. 2020) continues to shift towards digital direct marketing is claiming a surging share of marketing spending and sales. Sustainable marketing calls for socially and environmentally responsible actions that meet the present needs of consumers and businesses while also preserving or enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
To accommodate some of the major markets that Teala competes in for buyers direct marketing is convenient, easy, and private. These give the buyers anywhere, anytime access to an almost unlimited assortment. The marketing concept recognizes (Armstrong G. 2020) that organizations thrive by determining the current needs and wants of target customers and fulfilling them more effectively and efficiently than competitors do, It focuses on meeting the company’s short-term sales, growth, and profit needs by engaging customers and giving them what they want.
Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G. (2020). Principles of Marketing (18th Edition). Pearson Education (US).
Tesla should use a social media campaign that involves three steps. First they should use all forms of media to advertise the brands benefits to consumers and the environment, rhetoricly pointing out their products are beneficial to the health of the planet and all people who live on it. Then Tesla should plaster social media with surveys about what is most important to consumers around the globe concerning Tesla products, ask what they want from future offerings and ask if better products and a healthier evironment are something people expect from Tesla. Also asking global customers what type of driving conditions they drive in to get an idea of the wide range of conditions Tesla cars are driven in, around the world, will help people relate to the brand. Lastly Using the information from their global demographic research make decisions on marketing concepts in local regions. Breaking down their demogrphic to concentrate on areas where Tesla’s are sold the most first. Then target areas with the most amount of potential customers using social awareness of the environment to appeal to the growing market of consiouse minded consumers. Lastly expanding their efforts to convert gasoline driving consumers by appealing to their sense of morals, pointing out pollution habits that will effect future generations and the benefits of driving a Tesla.
Hello Everyone,
In most cases strong ethical behavior leads to strong business results. Otherwise, behaving ethically is actually good business. Tesla, Inc. wanted to prove that electric cars could be better than gasoline – powered cars. The founders pledged that each new generation of cars would be increasingly affordable helping the company to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.
Tesla has a mission with emphasis on social responsibility. It strives to develop products that have both a societal and economic benefit, which is a distinct advantage in the marketplace. An applied research is about the investigation work necessary in aquiring the knowledge to create commercially marketable products and services. Tesla brings sustainable and affordable energy solutions to communities around the world.
Tesla prioritizes community, customers, and employees over investors and government. The company’s mission is not to maximize profit but to make electric cars affordable. The goal of the company is to transfer the world to sustainable energy by making such products accessible to broader audiences.
Test.(2019)Impact report[PDF document]web.
Securities and Exchange commission.(2018)Elon.
M.settles SEC
Unit 7.2 DB: How Considering Diversity in Your Marketing Increases Revenue
Unit 7.2 DB: How Considering Diversity in Your Marketing Increases Revenue
Question 1: Will diversity and inclusion become the key factor in the marketing business?
With all the great talents plaguing the global market why would a company not get a hold of diversity? I honestly believe that diversity is the driving force in today’s workforce. Remember the saying it takes a village to raise a child well look at the workforce in that manner. Don’t look at a book by the cover open it and you will discover. Diversity is important in advertising because media should more accurately reflect the American consumer population and because consumers are more likely to buy something from a company that commits to diversity.
Seymour Brown
Question 2: Do you think Diversity should be mandatory in companies? Should there be a ratio in diversity when hiring employees?
Ethical diversity abounds in organizations. That is there are diverse beliefs among employees, managers, and executives in the organization as to what are the most ethically appropriate or inappropriate actions to take in their daily work situations. We expect many things from leaders in our organization. We look to them for solutions when times are challenging, and we expect them to do what is right. We trust them to make ethical decisions daily and hope their moral compass point is due north. There are numerous topics we need to address in the workplace, and one of the most important issues today is efforts to support diversity, equity, and inclusion The success of diversity, equity, and inclusion is independent of ethical leaders and decision-makers.

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