Posted: June 15th, 2022


Exam II (Chapters 21-24)


Part I.
  Write essays of one and a half pages each on FOUR of these questions:


1.  Progressives.  What do you find remarkable about the era of Progressivism?  Describe three particular leaders or movements and show how they help define this time period.  How did the Progressives shape the society we live in today?


2.  World War I.  Why did the U.S. get involved in World War I?  Why was it a controversial war in America?  Explain Wilson’s goals after the war.  How successful was he?


3.  World War I and American Life.  Explain the impact of World War I in America.  Consider various social, economic and political changes in the country during and right after the war.  Do you think these changes were actually caused by the war?


4.  The 1920s.  What happened in America during the 1920s?  Why do historians see the 20s as the beginning of “modern times”?  Address social, cultural, economic and political factors.


5.  Depression.  Explain some of the possible causes of the Great Depression.  Who suffered the most?  How did people react to economic stress?  Describe some social changes in this era.


6.  New Deal.  Explain how Franklin Roosevelt proposed to help the economy.  Why was he able to make so many changes?  What lasting impact did New Deal policies have on America?


7.  New Dealers and Progressives.  How were the New Dealers similar to Progressive leaders of a generation earlier?  How were they different?  To the extent they differed, was it because they had different ideals or because they were in different times?


8.  Women.  Explain some of the changes in women’s lives in the early 1900s.  Describe the role of women in shaping the Progressive Era, World War I, the 1920s, and 1930s.  Do you think the status of women changed because of women’s activism or because of other changes in society?


9.  Three key terms.  Develop an essay using three of the key terms from the handouts.  Show how the terms are related to each other and how they combine to give us a better understanding.


Part II.  Pictures.
  Include a picture to go with each essay.  Explain how the picture helps us understand the key points in the essay.


Keys for Success:


– Explain your points simply, like you would to another student.

– Write in short paragraphs.

– Use specific examples from our readings and class discussion.

– Relate your answers to major concepts and trends we have covered.

– Note how specific things in the pictures add to our understanding.


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