Posted: August 23rd, 2021

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Paper 2 – requires consideration of how Italian immigrants and native-born Americans viewed immigration restriction debates in the 1920s.  You must consider how Italian immigrant experiences of global migration and acculturation shaped their views.  This paper also asks to evaluate how international events shaped the debate over immigration restriction in the 1920s.
This paper will be evaluated based on the following:

Strong thesis that answers the question and addresses the views of both native-born Americans and immigrants.
Paragraphs with topic sentence, evidence, conclusion.
Paragraphs that make an argument and are analytical.
Understanding of the historical context and particularly how international events shaped the debate over immigration restriction in the 1920s.
Introduction and conclusion.
At least two primary sources related to native-born perspective and two primary sources to immigrant perspective, and analysis of those sources. 4 total primary sources. Also include secondary sources.
Minimum 1000 words.
See Rubric on thesis-driven essay in history.Rubric – Thesis-driven Essay in History.docx
See Writing Guidelines.pptx
Footnote citations must include:  Author, Title, Book/Newspaper/Journal  or Online Archive, Year of publication.  NO URLS OR WEBLINKS
Search digital archives for your primary sources and rely on weekly secondary and primary source readings, particularly in Chapter 20.
Digital Public Library of America – Immigration and Americanization (Links to an external site.) Link (Links to an external site.)
Becoming Modern: America in the 1920s – Native and Foreign Link (Links to an external site.)
Christopher Newport University Online Archive – Immigration Link

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