Posted: September 19th, 2022

Homeland Security Discussion 1

Need Help with Homeland Security Discussion

Discussion 1

*“President Obama signed into law a $50 billion recovery package for states hit by Hurricane Sandy. Much of the proposed spending in the law, however, is simply wasteful and will not go toward helping the immediate victims.”

**“President Donald Trump…signed a bill which provides $19.1 billion in recovery funds for disaster-affected areas. The Act directs federal agencies to release the $16 billion in disaster funds Congress approved in early 2018 following Hurricane Harvey to different states and territories…”

Review your Background resources on both hurricanes before you answer the following:

1. Aside from different political parties held by each President, how did Hurricane Harvey responses differ from Hurricane Sandy responses – in terms of:
a. Numbers of states affected
b. Physical damages
c. Disbursement of resources
d. Response time

2. Do you believe we are in a better position to respond than we were in 2012, or are we responding the same or responding after a disaster unfolds?
* Graham, O. (2013, January 31). Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill: Wasteful Spending Not Helpful (Blog). The Daily Signal. Retrieved from

** Texas Governor signs $1.6B Hurricane Harvey Relief Bill (2019, June 13). DS News. Retrieved from 

Texas Governor Signs $1.6B Hurricane Harvey Relief Bill


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