Posted: August 2nd, 2022


Discussion board 4 Instructions

We have come to depend on using the internet for so many things. We pay our bills via websites, bank online, and buy many products online such as music, software, and equipment. Visit one of your favorite websites where you spend money and identify three ways that the site is making money. Discuss the market for this website – do they have a global customer base?

Minimum words required 250 along with a work cited reference please.

Shawn Ferreira posted Jul 25, 2022 5:09 PM


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My favorite website where I spend money is Amazon is one of the largest retailers operating online globally. It has advanced significantly in a diverse array of operations, including its retailing options, digital marketing, advertising, and cloud services. I usually use when purchasing products such as Fire TV, television shows, and movies through the company’s Prime Video online platform (Amazon, 2022). Amazon uses three strategies to make money online, including subscriptions, retail services, and web operations. Yet, retailing is a fundamental and important source of growth and revenue, given that online stores account for the largest shares in the market. The revenues accumulate more due to the increasing costs of labor needed, and more than enough transportation and fulfillment rates.

Amazon has the widest and most credible market worldwide, with the US market leading all the way. The US market accounts for about 66% of Amazon’s revenues, increasing from 47% in the previous year. It might take a while before any other emerging market catches up with the US market. The other Amazon markets following the US include the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan, adding up to about 19% of the company’s revenues. The rest are active markets in various regions making up 15% (Amazon, 2022). Amazon’s international markets have widened its overall diversity. Since Amazon was initiated, it has advanced to become a renowned online platform in the world. The company’s presence in the market has invited almost 60 countries, reaching a massive online population of more than 1.2 billion globally (Amazon, 2022). Every month, close to 200 million customers globally use their devices to visit The diversity of customers across the world exceeds the whole population of Russia.




Amazon. (2022). Spend less. Smile more. Retrieved from

Hayden Fournier posted Jul 27, 2022 1:42 PM


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Amazon has become massive in the global market and is always expanding it’s feature platform in order to stay ahead of the competition. Generating over 116 Billion in revenue as of March 2022 it is one of the most used websites/apps in the world. The first way Amazon generates revenue is from it’s buy/sell features. A very small percentage from every sale goes to the company which on a global scale is a massive amount of income annually. The other two ways Amazon generates revenue is from it’s subscription services. A Prime membership gets you accesss to cheaper/ free shipping methods and free TV shows and music. This is accomplished through annual or monthly membership fees. The also offer add ons for these subscriptions which again are often paid subscriptions that allow you to access add free music and movies that are usually only available through other streaming platforms. This makes Amazon almost a one stop shop hub for entertainment and anything you would want to buy/sell. 

Cost Comparison of Web Conferencing

The two owners of Spinner Media Services Inc. wanted to cut travel costs and productivity losses (wasted time) and maintain the benefits of person-to-person collaboration. They decided to use Web conferencing internally for collaboration and externally for sales demonstrations to customers. Their two options were a) a pay-per-use basis or b) a per-user licensing plan based on the number of seats or participants. The decision would depend on cost comparisons based on these data estimates:

· Approximately 100 meetings per year

· An average of 12 participants per meeting

· Each meeting lasting about one hour, which takes into consideration the need to get the meeting set up at least 15 minutes in advance and meeting for 45 minutes

· 250 unique participants, consisting of 50 employees and 200 customers.

Here are two sites with pricing information for Zoom and WebEx. (Note these addresses can change so Google “zoom” or “webex” if necessary):



SLP Assignment Expectations

Prepare an Excel spreadsheet that fulfills the criteria for this SLP assignment. Be sure to use formulas and graphs within Excel so they can be reviewed. In a Word document, interpret the meaning of your analytical findings from the spreadsheet. The Word document should present the results to the owners of Spinner Media Services. Use analytics and graphs in your report and then describe the results. Remember you can copy spreadsheets and graphs into Word but you need to upload both the Word document and the Excel document to the SLP dropbox.

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