Posted: November 21st, 2022



Your WIT, What Do I Think, are short, reflective work.  Each WIT is to exhibit your critical analysis skills, your organizational skills for writing,  and your creative thinking skills.  You will write a 2-3 page reflection for each WIT, or in this case also have the option of creating a visual presentation using PowerPoint instead of an work  Please double space and use 12 point font size if you select the work-style format. It is also necessary to cite the text or any source you draw upon as you complete the WIT assignment.  It is best to satisfy your WIT after engagement with the text material for each chapter.

WIT 2: This WIT gives you a chance to explore a religion that might be new to you.  Remember, this should be about a religion, not a specific denomination or faction within a religion.

 The idea is to increase your appreciation and respect for other religions different from your own. Complete a short discussion work (or even PowerPoint or Prezi if you would like) that includes the following items:

  1. Short history/ background
  2. Basic belief
  3. Major figure
  4. An important ritual or practice
  5. A short “scripture” piece that catches the spirit of the religion
  6. What do you appreciate about religion?/What positive message does it have for you as an educated person?

30 points

For an “A” did you

take on the project with analysis, personal viewpoint, and quality?

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