Posted: September 19th, 2022

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Distribution Assignment – Written and Oral Topic – The student will complete a multi-task writing assignment.

Reference List – An APA style reference list will be generated which contains
10 references in a selected topic area.
At least 5 of
these references will be from professional journals

Article Review – A total of
four articles from your reference list will be reviewed. The review will include a short abstract (one
paragraph), which summarizes the article and one paragraph that expresses your views.
Two reviews will be from professional
journals and two can come from other sources.

Short Paper- What are the signs of Postpartum Depression? (4 pages) – The assignment is designed to create a paper that is research based. References can be formal (journal, books) and
informal (internet, interviews) sources. The paper is to be written using APA format and include a reference list. The paper should

Introduction: This section clearly identifies the reasons for selection of the topic. It will connect the selection to appropriate issues
and ideas derived from the text.

Overview of the Literature: This section demonstrates the specific literature reviewed and implications for the topic selected.

Analysis of the Literature: This section presents your critical analysis through comparison and contrast of the literature

Reactions to the Literature: This section includes your personal reactions and evaluations to the information found in the

Conclusion: This section provides a summary of your investigation along with your conclusion(s).

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