Posted: August 1st, 2022


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4-pages report (times new roman, 12, single spaced), citing at least 3 academic references (only from handbooks, academic journals, case studies):

– Page 1: describe what is organizational culture and company brand (Describe theoretical concepts and provide examples);

– Page 2: describe the selection of candidate employee process (Describe how candidate can be assessed by interviews and tests. Provide examples);

– Page 3: describe how to motivate and engage employees (Describe theoretical concepts and provide examples);

– Page 4: describe how to manage compensation and performance (Describe theoretical concepts and provide examples).

Assessment criteria:

The grading will assess student’s capacity to demonstrate:

• theoretical knowledge (comprehensive and exhaustive, and with clarity);

• critical reflections on application to examples;

• references inside the report and in the reference list must be according to Harvard referencing style

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