Posted: March 12th, 2023

Human Assets

– APA format, in-text citations, 2 references include, 1 page

– Topic: Arguably, the foundation for any global health effort is the people who make it happen.  It is from here that you draw the expertise, experience, and commitment to make connections that make a difference.  Successful engagements are built upon one-to-one interactions. 

But where do we find the people to staff global health initiatives?  How are they trained?  And how do we protect them from the harsh conditions, ambient dangers, and environmental risks they may face?

Look for an existing NGO or international organization involved in Global Public Health activities. Understand how this organization conducts recruitment and what salary/benefit packages it offers to its employees/volunteers. Discuss how it maintains its workforce and describe the onboarding process for specific projects or missions. Make sure to provide an insight into how the organization assures its employees’ safety while in the field. Offer your assessment of how this organization is successful or not in recruitment, onboarding, and retention of the workforce. Why or why not? What could be done differently to address the deficiencies if any?

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