Posted: August 5th, 2022

I need help with this investment workroom for my finanical Mangment class

 Week 2 Investment Game Workroom


Discussion posts and trading activities for the class will take place in the Investment Game Workroom. Your required activity is outlined below:

  • Game registration and initial stock picks (2% of Course Grade)

    Register for the game by following the instructions provided by your professor.
    Assemble your initial portfolio prior to the close of the markets on Wednesday of Week 2.
    By Sunday, midnight of Week 2, post a brief rationale in the Investment Game discussion board:

    Why did you choose your companies? Specifically, what market news, metrics, or other data led to you to pick these specific stocks?
    Share resource(s) you consulted to make your choice.
    Explain why you allocated your assets as you did.

    What benchmark are you measuring yourself against and why?

NOTE: You may pick a broad market index like the S&P 500, but if you are dealing with non-U.S. companies or companies that have a particularly high or low volatility, another benchmark may be more appropriate.

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