Posted: September 19th, 2022

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Class Assignment:

Case Scenario ´ Peggy Vizente, a clinical nurse on a 57 -bed internal medicine ward at a medium-sized teaching hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has identified a problem of wasted nursing time spent acquiring supplies for client care. ´ Nurse Vizente begins keeping track of the time she spends locating supplies for her clients’ care. ´ She notes that at least 30 minutes per day are spent gathering supplies for clients. Nurse Vizente identifies a list of those items that she most frequently has to acquire to perform care. ´ Systematically, she begins to develop a plan to present to her nurse manager to correct this situation. Nurse Vizente designs a nurse server—a container built into the room—to hold essential supplies. ´ She also develops a procedure for how the supplies will be stocked and by whom. She takes her ideas to the nurse manager and proposes a change in procedure and in equipment (nurse server).

By using your textbook and an article “Leaders, managers, and followers: Working in harmony” by Theresa M. Valiga, EdD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAAN define and explain.
Microsoft Word, 500 words and APA format.

· Define a Leadership

· Define Management

· What is the difference between Leading and Managing?

· Do you think Nurse Vizente possesses characteristics of a leader? Explain.

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