Posted: August 2nd, 2022

I need to write a discussion and leave comments on students discussions. here’s the attachment


 I need to write a discussion and leave comments on students discussions. here’s the attachment  

Language – Discussion Board #3

Learning Objective: What is Language and Where Does it Come From?

While we may think of language as confined to the words that we speak, there is so
much more to language than this. The world of gestures is an excellent example; many
of us “speak with our hands” in order to emphasize the topics that we are trying to
communicate. Italians are particularly famous for their elaborate and exaggerated
language of gestures. A recent article and video from the New York Times does an
excellent job of elucidating this topic. You can see the article “When Italians Chat,
Hands and Fingers Do the Talking” at the following link NY TIMES Article

(Links to an external site.)


1. After reading the article and watching the video about Italian hand gestures,
you should have a greater awareness of the role of gesture in
communication. Over the course of a day, make note of the gestures that you,
your friends, and your professors use, and in what contexts these gestures
are used.

2. Prepare a summary of the gestures you observed for your class’s online

3. Use Canvas Studio to respond to this post (60 seconds or less). Make a short
video of the gestures. How to respond with Canvas Studio.

4. (Links to an external site.)
6. Explain the gestures in a small paragraph!
7. (Links to an external site.)
9. In the comment section, discuss with your classmates whether there are

other possible meanings for any of the gestures you presented.

All posts made to each Lesson discussion are scored according to the following criteria:

● 0 points: no participation, no attempt to begin a discussion, or respond to a

● .5 – 5.75 point (F): varying degrees of failure; attempt to participate is not
sincere; does not demonstrate much or any preparation; student clearly
unwilling to participate or prepare; posts do not address the topic or engage
peer in discussion; and/or post is incomprehensible due to
grammar/spelling/syntax errors!

● 6 – 6.75 points (D): attempt does not demonstrate comprehension of material
or full preparation for the discussion, or does not address the discussion topic
in a meaningful way, and/or post is very difficult to understand, containing
grammar/spelling/syntax errors!

● 7 – 7.75 points (C): statements indicate a willingness to participate but do not
indicate full preparation or full comprehension, or may not address the
discussion topic fully and/or post is somewhat difficult to follow, containing
grammar/spelling/syntax errors.

● 8 – 8.75 points (B): statements indicate student willing and prepared for
discussion, but maybe lacking a complete understanding of concepts or
complete coverage of discussion topic, and/or post contains some

grammar/spelling/syntax errors. They have also responded to at least 2 other

● 9-10 points (A): Students’ enthusiastic participation indicates preparation,
comprehension and complete understanding of concepts, has complete and
accurate coverage of the discussion topic and is free of
grammar/spelling/syntax errors. They have also responded to at least 2 other

I need my own discussion and comments on students.

here’s a discussion from other students. I need to leave a comment to them.

Anna Shirinyan

Apr 24 at 17:25pm

Gestures are an important part of communication for both humans and animals. Hand gestures
are used in Italy as a form of non-verbal communication. In the Italian lexicon, gestures are
dominated by hand movements, but may also include facial features such as eyebrows and
mouth. Italian gestures and in particular, Italian hand movements are difficult, but at the same
time a great addition to the language, sometimes even replacing words. . When speaking in
gestures, Italians can add subtlety to their speech.

In Italy, children, teenagers and the elderly all make gestures. For Italians, gestures come
involuntarily. The classic fingers pressed to the thumb can mean “What do you want from me?”
or “I was not born yesterday” on the hand, which rotates slowly, which indicates “Whatever it is”
or “It will be that day”, there are some gestures that are very simple. The index finger on the
cheeks means that something is delicious. And touching the wrist is a common sign of
“hurrying”. But others are much more complicated. Continuing hand gestures as part of the
Italian lexicon, I best perceive it as a culturally coded form, as Italian children subconsciously
imitate their parents and as they grow older, they continue to use these gestures. I think the
goal is to encourage the expression of the word and to show the feelings.

I have many friends who have gestures that are unique to them. Many of them use hand
gestures such as (👋👍󰗭👌🤝󰛉) (meaning to agree or disagree, to call, to greet). I have
lecturers who talk about a question during the lesson and the content of the text becomes clear
from the expression on his face. Or he can just move his head during a question as a sign of
agreement. At this point, I realize that I use a lot of different gestures when speaking. For
example, when I try to remember something, I put my hand on my head, or when I talk about
something, I show it. I use hand gestures every time, in every context. It depends on my
emotional state, my mood. I think hand movements suggest our emotional state. Thus

gestures accompany us throughout life, we do them in any situation that expresses our state of
mind at that very moment.

Beyonce Henry

Apr 24 at 20:23pm

This has made me think of the many gestures I use at work to communicate with either
coworkers or customers. I work at a jewelry store so often times when my coworkers
are trying to speak to me from a distance about what a customer wants I usually point
to my wrist gesturing that they want a “bracelet.” Even today I saw some customers
stand by the entrance of the door not sure if they could come in, I waved them inside
letting them know they can come in to look around. Since I work at a jewelry store I
have to wear most of the products from the brand myself to advertise. Whenever
customers want to see some rings I put my hands out and spread out my fingers in front
of them and ask them if they see anything they liked on me already, and this also lets
them know that they are free to touch or look at the rings and bracelets on my hands. Or
if customers speak a different language they usually point to their neck or ring signaling
that they want a ring or a bracelet. These are the many ways I communicate with the
people I work with while using hand gestures. As I walk out towards the entrance to take
my leave I usually wave to my coworkers “goodbye” or “See you next time I come in!”
Working in an industry that has to do with selling products gives me lots of opportunities
to communicate with hand gestures with customers and coworkers whenever there is a
situation where we can really speak.

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