Posted: August 23rd, 2021

Infotech In A Global Economy

Peer-Reviewed Summary Assignment – APA 6E Guide. To complete this assignment, the following instructions must be followed:
The Rubric: 

read the attached peer-reviewed research paper in its entirety
in your own words, using the APA 6E guide, prepare 150 words to 250 words summary about this research by John Anthony
paper will be prepared in MS Word format ONLY — (typically double spaced, 12-font in Times New Roman) – No PDF format will be allowed
write-up MUST be original student thoughts following your read and comprehension of this research work in APA 6E format
 DO NOT COPY and PASTE parts/sections of the research paper to complete this assignment
DO NOT COPY and paste your assignment on the SafeAssign platform when you submit, 
ALL Assignments with SafeAssign similarity reports of 25% or more will NOT be accepted. No Exceptions.  Make sure to address such issues before submission.
Don’t forget your cover page and title, and reference page formatted correctly. These are part of your assignment

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